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St. Petersburg Social Enterprise Bakery - Press Release

Logan Fahey & Maurice Chaplais continue to innovate in the field of social enterprise to help provide jobs for those returning home from incarceration.

Serial social entrepreneur Logan Fahey is partnering with internationally renowned artisan bakery specialist Maurice Chaplais to scale a unique social venture throughout the United States: bakeries that employ ex-offenders.

This isn’t the first time Fahey and Chaplais have joined forces, nor will it be their last. Together, they successfully launched Bloom Bakery, a Towards Employment social venture that provides training and jobs for adults returning home to Cleveland after incarceration. They will establish their next location in St. Petersburg, Florida, building on their vision to create a scalable, sustainable and profitable social venture that supports individuals with barriers to employment.

Fahey firmly believes that if you want to make a real impact in the field of social entrepreneurship, you have to scale: “Having started five social ventures in Northeast Ohio, we now understand and believe in the impact it has on our employees’ lives,” said Fahey. We’re committed to scaling this initiative and providing as many jobs as possible in the coming years.”

Fahey has made a career out of helping ex-offenders reintegrate back into their communities. Right out of high school, he started working with True North, an organization that focuses on supporting youth offenders when they return home from incarceration. During that time, Logan launched his first social enterprise, True North Landscaping, which continues to provide employment opportunities for those returning from The Ohio Department of Youth Services.

“Ever since I volunteered in the youth prison system back in 2012, I knew we had to do something to provide sustainable jobs for those returning home,” said Fahey. “I watched my friends from the neighborhood go to prison, and I learned first-hand the remarkable struggles they faced upon reentry.”

With this new joint venture, Fahey and Chaplais plan to make a serious dent in the reentry obstacle.

Logan Fahey