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Fahey Group Acquires Robin Autopilot, a Rapidly Growing Innovator in Robotic Mowing Technology


CLEVELAND, Ohio – July 7th, 2019 – A Cleveland-based group led by entrepreneur Logan Fahey is making a key investment in innovative robotics technology that is changing the future of the landscape services industry. Fahey Group, LLC has acquired Robin Autopilot, a rapidly growing pioneer in robotic mowers for the U.S. market.

Robin Autopilot mowers are battery-powered, programmable and energy- and cost-efficient. They can be used daily to keep a lawn trimmed to a precise length, resulting in a healthier, more attractive landscape, with pollution-reducing benefits equivalent to replacing two family cars with electric vehicles. The automated mowers also offer significant cost savings for landscape service providers who are challenged by a lack of available workforce in many markets.

Founded in 2015 by Justin Crandall and Bart Lomont, Robin Autopilot operates through 15 franchisees in 12 states and has more than 1,000 customers with robotic mowers in use. Landmark Automation, a Fahey Group company, owns and operates the franchises in Cleveland, Ohio, and Tampa, Florida. Cleveland now has the largest single concentration of robotic mowers in the United States with more than 150 active mowers, and another 50 pre-sold. 

Following the acquisition, Robin Autopilot will move its headquarters from Dallas to Cleveland. It also will continue its partnership with Cleveland-based MTD Products Inc., a worldwide leading producer of outdoor power equipment. MTD produces the robotic mowers and is an original investor in Robin Autopilot.

“Headquartering the company in Cleveland where both Landmark and MTD are located can help streamline our service and deployment collaboration as we continue to expand the business and bring this technology to new markets,” said Logan Fahey, who will be Chief Executive Officer of the company. “In addition to our strong management team, the deal is backed by investors who have scaled similar businesses and believe robotic mowing represents the future of landscaping services.”

About Robin Autopilot

Robin Autopilot is the world’s first robotic lawn maintenance franchise, combining proven robotic mowing technology with highly professional installers and lawn maintenance crews to deliver a more reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly lawn care solution, all for a price less than traditional gas-powered mowing. A typical subscription service for the robotic mowers costs about $19 per week for consumers. This fee includes installation, maintenance, GPS tracking, wire repairs and theft protection. The mowers operate two to three hours a day.

About The Fahey Group

Fahey Group is a holdings company that owns and operates a series of companies including Fahey Advisors, Robin Autopilot, Landmark Lawn and Garden Supply, Landmark Automation, Total Property Contracting, and Chaplais and Fahey. The firm takes an innovation-led approach to helping businesses solve problems, grow and realize their goals. It is passionate about addressing challenges head-on and delivering results that last.

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