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Landmark Automation Introduces Robin Autopilot Robotic Mowing Service to the Tampa Market

TAMPA, Florida and CLEVELAND, Ohio – December 12, 2018 – Landmark Automation is launching the Robin Autopilot lawn mowing service in Tampa, Florida, this month, as it continues to lead the way with disruptive robotic technology for the landscaping sector.

As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank,, Robin Autopilot is a full-service lawn maintenance solution that uses robotic lawn mowers that are battery-powered and emissions-free. The robots are quiet, can mow in the rain, and can be programmed for precise daily cutting for a greener, healthier lawn. Similar in concept to the highly popular robot vacuum cleaners that growing numbers of consumers are using in their homes, the Robin Autopilot mowers are eco-friendly, reliable and affordable. Robin Autopilot crews also use eco- friendly battery-powered edgers, trimmers, and blowers.

“With annual revenues of $93 billion and more than 1 million employees, the landscape services industry is a large market that has seen little to no innovation in the past several decades,” said Logan Fahey, Chief Executive Officer of Landmark Automation. “This is about to change with the introduction of Robin Autopilot. We believe this technology will provide a solution for landscape services to expand their businesses without over- extending their available workforce, while offering homeowners superior, reliable, and environmentally safe lawn maintenance.”

In addition to providing an alternative to gas-burning, pollution-emitting lawn mowers, the Robin Autopilot is a low-cost solution for consumers. Rather than having to buy an expensive mower, customers purchase a subscription service that costs as little at $19 per week and includes installation, maintenance, GPS tracking, wire repairs, and theft protection.

“We are excited to be partnering with Landmark Automation to offer this service in the Tampa area along with Northeast Ohio,” said Justin Crandall, Chief Executive Officer of Robin Autopilot. “Robin gives our customers a powerful way to limit air and noise pollution and keep their lawns looking fresh-cut every day, while helping bring about meaningful environmental change through their choice of lawn care service.”

About Robin Autopilot

Robin Autopilot is the world’s first robotic lawn maintenance franchise, combining proven robotic mowing technology with highly professional installers and lawn maintenance crews to deliver a more reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly lawn care solution, all for a price less than traditional gas-powered mowing. Its fully electric robotic lawn care service can reduce as much pollution every week as replacing two family cars with electric vehicles. Robin Autopilot has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, CBS This Morning, and as part of TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield. Customers can sign up for robotic service at www.robinautopilot.com.

About Landmark Automation

Landmark Automation is a partnership of The Fahey Group, Landmark Lawn and Garden Supply Inc., and Total Property Contracting, all based in Northeast Ohio. Landmark Automation introduced the Robin Autopilot robotic mower service to Northeast Ohio customers in November. Business consultant, entrepreneur, and innovator Logan Fahey developed Landmark Automation to focus on automating the landscape service industry through disruptive technologies such as Robin Autopilot.

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